Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Welcome to our new blog!

Hello from Universal Works!

We are currently in the process of developing a brand strategy for Universal Works to enable future growth.

Universal works has the potential to grow into a well established brand by using strong marketing and communication strategies.

We are eager to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave us a comment.

Keeping one step ahead...

Expanding the range

Following and keeping up with competitors by expanding the range.

  • Attracts new customers and retailers.


  • Follow the growing trend of blogs.

  • Create a more interactive website (mailing list/newsletters).
  • Expanding consumer base.

Messages for communication

Brand Identity
  • Honest clothing creating quality garments which are simple and practicle with attention to detail.

  • Brand identity model will help to develop a unique selling point.

  • Honesty and responsibility- raising more awarness about background of garments.

How do we reach the consumer?

Target Consumer
  • The needs of the consumer must be considered.

"No target market, just garments for everyone." Universal Works

  • To add focus to the brand, Universal works will target the 35+ man.

Pop up Shop

  • Pop up stores draw in the crowds, creating a buzz around the brand.

  • Good technique to measure if store will be successful as a stand-alone store.

  • Fashion show showcasing preview of the Limited Edition collection.

The Story

  • Having a story will create press, therefore reaching a higher number of consumers.
  • Men will appreciate the honesty, function and the knowledge of where the products are sourced from.


  • Cost efficiant and effective method of marketing.

  • Attaining interviews for blogs and relevant magazines raises brand awareness.

We want it fresh, we want it relevant...

  • The model illustrates the ethos of the brand.
  • Mature men were attracted to the pop up shop.

Keeping the brand Unique

  • Selling small amounts of each product will keep the brand unique.
  • Buying vintage and one off pieces is a fast growing trend.

Limited Edition range

  • Limited edition range to be sold in Liberty's at a higher price point, using more luxurious fabrics.

  • Liberty's sell Universal Works competitors.


  • Making the website transactional is not a priority.
  • Instead, focus should be directed towards creating an exciting blog.

Where will we be?

  • Selective distribution: Core collection located in independent, respected retailers.
  • Exclusive distribution: Limited edition range exclusively sold to Liberty's

  • In store the brand will be placed next to competitors such as Oliver Spencer.

To Summarise...

  • Brand Strategy - To Bring awareness to the Universal Works.

This will be done by:

  • Appearing on blogs

  • Comparing Universal Works with competitors

  • Universal Works having their own Blog

Pop up Shop

  • The Story of the brand is essential for brand growth.

  • A strong marketing strategy is also essential for the growth of the brand.

  • Connecting with consumers online will drive sales and build up market share, encouraging growth and expansion of customer base.